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Nov 9, 2020

Another episode of the Deep Talks podcast right out. This time with the author of two world bestsellers Nir Eyal.

His first book, "Hooked," won the Wall Street Journal bestseller title, and his second book, "Indistractable," was named the Best Business and Leadership Books of the Year on Amazon.

Nir has an MBA from Stanford, a lecture at TED, or has invested in Eventbrite and Kahoot. In the interview, we talk about addiction to social networks or technologies and tricks on how to improve your concentration, motivation, and habits.

I am very happy about this interview, Nir is one of the most interesting and successful people I have personally met in New York.

Resource links:

- Nir's website:

- The schedule maker tool mentioned in the interview:

- Summary article:

- And distraction guide here:

- Habits vs routines article here: